I am currently running two studies to better understand pleasurable moments in music and what causes them.

If you often experience chills when listening to music, your participation would be greatly appreciated! More details are available on the information sheet for the online survey study, and on the call for participants for the lab study.


Pleasurable moments in music

Research conducted for my PhD at QMUL

Rhythm complexity

Research conducted for my MSc at Goldsmiths


To formalize the human judgment of rhythm complexity, we used five measures from information theory and algorithmic complexity to …


Musical chills give a convenient insight into what makes music pleasurable because they are widespread, memorable, and observable. …

Little is known about the effects of stimulus-driven properties, stylistic preference, and familiarity on the occurrence of musical …

The present project aims to use two hypothesised underlying mechanisms of emotional responses to music—brain stem reflexes and musical …

In order to identify whether formal measures of complexity can predict the human judgement of rhythm complexity, we artificially …

According to Leibniz ‘Music is the hidden arithmetical exercise of a mind unconscious that it is calculating.’ The …


Guest lectures for the Research Methods and Music Perception and Cognition postgraduate modules at Queen Mary University of London:

  • Music and emotion
  • Linear modelling using R
  • Inferential statistics using R
  • Statistical programming using R
  • Typesetting with $\rm \LaTeX$

Workshops for Music Cognition Lab seminars and Media & Arts Technology peer teaching sessions:

  • Introduction to the tidyverse
  • Tools for online data collection
  • Introduction to statistics