Rémi de Fleurian

I am a PhD candidate in the Music Cognition Lab, part of the Cognitive Science Research Group at QMUL. My research aims to better understand why we enjoy listening to music, by attempting to predict pleasurable moments in music, using behavioural and computational methods. I am particularly interested in the effects of musical expectancy on aesthetic responses.

MSc in Music, Mind & Brain, Goldsmiths

Current projects

Online survey study on pleasurable moments in music. Please participate!
Longitudinal study on musical chills. Call for participants available here.


2017 - Information-theoretic measures predict the human judgment of rhythm complexity, Cognitive Science


2018 - Predicting pleasurable moments in music, EiTIC Doctoral Student Workshop, UPF


2018 - Stylistic preference, familiarity and chills, Music Cognition Lab seminar, QMUL
2017 - Predicting pleasurable moments in music, Music Cognition Lab seminar, QMUL
2015 - Formal measures of complexity predict the accuracy in guessing the end of rhythmic patterns, ESCOM, RNCM


2018 - LaTeX, R, and Statistics workshops, Research Methods, QMUL